FAQ Restream


  • I have already paid for tickets on the stream in January, why can't I watch it now? 
    • To support the expenses of keeping it running without commercials there are expenses which is the reason it was a limited rental in January, just as well as it is needed to be put out as a rental this time around as well.
  • I would like to buy it and keep forever, will that happen?
    • Never say never..  but making BluRay/DVD is too expensive and we would need to charge way too much for them.. We might look into a solution down the road to make it available as a download.
  • I created an account during the live stream in January, but can't seem to use it?
    • If you were visiting in January, and are not from the US, likely you were redirected to the European version of this site which was different (due to merch shipments). The re-broadcast is happening only on the US version of the store, so you will need to create another account.
  • Why do I need an account?
    • To be able to check your purchases and unlock the movies you have bought, you will need to be signed in. 
  • I’ve rented a show. How do I watch it?
    • In order to access the streams, you will need to login to the account you created when checking out when you purchased your rental at AvatarAges.com
  • When does the 48 hours start to count?
    • Your rental will be available 48 hours from the time you made the purchase - not from when you started watching. 
  • Can I watch the stream on my Phone or Tablet?
    • Yes, the player is HTML5, so as long as your phone supports HTML5 video viewing you can definitely use your phone or tablet.
  • What browsers do you recommend?
    • They all work, but Chrome is the optimal. 
  • I can't watch the show even though I rented it..
  1. Make sure you're logged in, using the same account (email) as you used when purchasing the ticket.. (Check your mailbox for the order confirmation to make sure which email you should be logged in with)
  2. Try another browser (Chrome is preferred)
  3. Make sure you're on a stable connection
  • How can I watch the show on my TV?
    • One way to watch on your TV is to connect your laptop or desktop with an HDMI cable to your TV and open the livestream on your computer’s browser. Click HERE for a tutorial on connecting your computer.
    • Additionally, casting/airplay are options to connect wirelessly.
      • To watch a stream event, please ensure you have the following:
        • System Requirements: Windows 7 or higher, MAC OS x 10.6 or higher
        • Supported desktop browsers:
          • Google Chrome 45+
          • Mozilla Firefox 49+
          • Safari 10+
          • Microsoft Edge 15+
        • Supported mobile browsers:
          • Google Chrome 45+
          • Safari 10+ (IOS)
        • Internet connection: 10MBPS download speed is recommended. Please check your connection at Speedtest.net
        • Samsung Smart TV’s (use Airplay where available), more info HERE
        • ROKU (use casting), more info HERE
        • Amazon Silk (use casting or firestick), more info HERE
      • When using a product like AppleTV, Chromecast or Amazon’s Fire Stick that also has a web app, you simply need to use the browser, navigate to the stream page, sign in and press play like normal
  • No Sound!
    • If the stream is working, but you have no sound first check to make sure the must button is off in the bottom corner of the player. If that doesn’t solve it, you may need to refresh your browser.  If that isn’t it, here are some troubleshooting articles specific to your operating system.
      • MacOS Audio Help
      • Windows 10 Audio Help

For questions about merchandise bought during the livestream: merch@avatarmetal.com

For technical issues with the video rental and/or stream: info@zodiapps.com